Friendship House
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Mission Statement

dePaul School at Friendship House's mission is to teach students with dyslexia and other specific learning differences how to learn.

dePaul students are unique individuals, each with his/her own distinctive strengths and difficulties, but share several key attributes:

Our Students

• They are intelligent and inquisitive.
• They process some types of information differently than most students.
• In the conventional classroom, their specific learning differences lead to frustration, and often failure, in one or more academic areas (such as decoding, spelling, mathematics, reading comprehension, and/or organizational skills).
• They thrive within a challenging academic setting designed for students with learning differences.

Our Task

In teaching our students how to learn, our responsibility is three-fold:

• Students must be taught the knowledge and skills of each academic area, including social skills, in ways that empower our students to learn and to succeed in life.
• We must lead our students throughout this instruction to learn about their own learning, including what approaches are most successful and how to take advantage of their strengths and cope with chronic difficulties.
• We must also teach the "student skills" (including organization, study skills, test taking, note taking, and textbook skills) which will help our students to gain independence in their learning.

Our Pledge

In fulfilling this mission, dePaul School is committed to the following:

• Dedication to "putting the student first";
• Respect for the student as an individual;
• Integrity in word and action;
• Diligence;
• Enthusiasm for learning;
• Self improvement of staff and student; and
• Involvement of family in the student's education and development.

Philosophy Statement

dePaul School at Friendship House is a private, independent day school that serves the needs of bright students with learning differences and attention deficits. These beliefs and values serve as our guiding principles, giving us clarity of focus as we strive for excellence in our delivery of service to our students and their families in both academic and social areas. Our goal is to remediate academic problems and empower students to grow in social responsibility, while helping each student develop his/her unique personal talents. The philosophy, mission, and expertise of our school, combined with research in the field of education, are the foundation of our programs, policies, curriculum, instruction, and professional conduct.

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