Mental Health

Outpatient Clinics


  • Therapists – Provide Individual and group Therapy
  • Medical Team members – Psychiatrists, Physician Assistants,  and Nurse Practitioners, provide Medication Management Services

Case Management (blended) 

  • Available to clients who require assistance in gaining access to needed resources such as medical, social, educational, or other supports and services

Family Based Mental Health Teams

  • A home-based treatment service intended to address the needs of children (up to age 21) and his/her family. The treatment team addresses the needs of the referred child and promotes the functioning and well-being of the family

School Based Counseling Services

  • Provides individual and group therapy in school
  • The CSBBH teams provide a “clinical home” by delivering services to the children, adolescents and families in school, home and community

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Onsite in Mayfield

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services are for adults who are experiencing difficulties with functioning due to the effects of a mental health diagnosis. The program is based on the belief of recovery, which is backed by research, that people can and do regain functioning in major areas of life
  • This is an onsite Monday through Friday program located at our Mayfield site. Friendship House offers transportation to clients who require that support
  • Teaches daily life skills

Peer Services

  • This one-on-one service is an empowering activity provided by compatible peers who are self-identified consumers of mental health services and who have been successfully trained in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Certified Peer Specialist Program
  • Assist with the development and implementation of Wellness Recovery Action Plans and development and implementation of self-advocacy and self-help skills
  • Assist with development of natural social supports; support of work or other meaningful activity of the person’s choosing
  • Support with crisis management
  • Support with effective utilization of the service delivery system and coordination of and linkage to other service providers.
  • Peer Support Services will also assist consumers in their integration back into the community from restrictive settings such as psychiatric inpatient units or state psychiatric hospitals by encouraging the use of natural supports and more formal services that promote self-care