Substance Abuse Disorder

The Friendship House SUD Program provides professional counseling for substance abuse and addiction from a traditional approach, including opportunities for education about, prevention of, intervention into, and the recovery from substance use related problems. Individual, group and family therapy sessions are offered with a focus on understanding the nature of addiction, becoming drug-free and preventing relapse. Levels of care and settings vary depending on your assessed needs, and include outpatient therapy (OP), intensive outpatient therapy (IOP), and partial hospitalization (PHP).

At Friendship House, service delivery begins with an emphasis on the value of the individual and the importance of maintaining personal integrity. Recovery is contingent upon one’s belief in their ability to succeed and in their determination to live a fulfilling substance-free life. Services are designed to meet the specific needs of adults and adolescents with various emotional, developmental, and addictive difficulties. A range of diagnostic and treatment services are available. Service delivery interventions include mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, life-skills training, health and wellness, and relapse prevention education.